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Mary L. Lawrence posted on 8/14/23
Mary was a wonderful friend to me. We worked together for twenty-three years at Sharon School. She was so funny and an expert at the use of sarcasm for fun. We attended several classes at Whitewater together, one of which found us developing photos in her bathroom with an ancient developing kit previously owned by her dad. She helped me in so many ways to understand life and the challenges it brings to you. I moved to Virginia in 2000, but I always visited her and Chuck when I came back if it was possible. It was so much fun and like I never left when we got together. I wonder what she would have thought of Donald Trump. I think I might know.

Mary Jo Vance Johnson posted on 8/13/23
Fond memories of a childhood friend. So sorry to hear of Mary's passing. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

Mike Waddell posted on 5/29/23
As a former student of Mrs. Jo, I remember her as a person to be reckoned with – a force of good. She was a generous and compassionate educator, who left an indelible impression on me. Mrs Jo was the crown jewel of my formative education. What a gift to have been a part of her educational legacy.

Darrell Frederick posted on 5/19/23
Mrs. Jo as we called her in grade school back in the 80's, was a special lady and fondly remembered. She was always fun full of life and quick to tell you how things really were. May she rest in peace and enjoy the eternal life her and Mr. Jo will sha re. God Bless.

Lara Drummond posted on 5/18/23
My aunt truly lived an amazing life, and was never afraid to tell you what she thought. This world has lost a great soul, but left a strong impression on those who knew her. With love, Lara

Diane and Al Drummond posted on 5/17/23
We loved her dearly. She was always happy to see us. She was loved.

Tom posted on 5/17/23
I will always remember going to Sharon,WI and later Walworth, WI when I was younger to visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Chuck. A lot of fond memories. You will be missed dearly. God bless you and RIP, Your Nephew, Tom