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Kevon and Debbie Smid posted on 12/10/22
Kevon and I have known Dwight and April since we built our house here on Erma Drive 26 years ago. Over the years we have gotten to know them both more. I always remember Dwight as being a kind, helpful, and generous person. Always willing to lend a hand. He always would wave and smile to me when I saw him out walking. Kevon amd him had many conversations over the years regarding electrical, as they both were electricians. They also spent time talking about welding and guns, as they both had that in common. I still remember the time when he asked if he could take my boys to the movies on a summer day when I had to work. I will never forget how that touched my heart. He also had a love for animals. Over the years I remember him taking care of dogs and cats, showing them love and kindness. He surely will be missed!! I'm thankful he was our neighbor always looking out for us and everyone around him. May you rest in peace, Dwight. Love, Kevon, Debbie, Zach, and Justin

Mardel and George Manion posted on 12/10/22
We sure have missed him greeting us as we came into church. We knew Dwight and April from years back. Watched their girls grow up. We had kids around the same ages. Such a nice family. Dwight would always ask about my knee before and after my knee surgery last year. He had the same surgery before me and it was unbelievable how well he did. He was willing to share his experiences and help people as much as possible. Such a friendly, giving spirit. So sorry for the loss to April and the girls and the grandchildren. You had one of the best.

Steve Lombardo posted on 12/9/22
Dwight Fuhrman is an authentic, great man - and I say this on purpose because today he is having a great day in heaven! I look forward to speaking at your funeral tomorrow as we celebrate your life and celebrate eternal life in Christ Jesus. You have made a difference in the lives of many people and you will be deeply missed - see you later brother! Steve

Deborah posted on 12/9/22
Whitey, you were always such a sweet and kind man. From the time I moved in next door to to you and April, 17 years ago, you were the very best neighbor I could ask for. You were always so kind and patient with my boys when they were young, and embraced them as they grew into men. You always had a contagious smile, an enchanting story and great advise. Thank you for the many adventures on the boat and always sharing your favorite fishing spots with our grandson Caleb! You were so kind to the homeless cats that hung around our back yards, you and April saving them and bringing them into your home. Thank you for always attending to and caring for our cats when we traveled. Max and Mia's favorite toys were handmade in "Whitey's Cat Toy Manufacturing Shop"! Thank you for all the kindness you shared, we feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to know you. Our hearts will miss you so very much. Love, Deborah and Scott

Anita Kreissl posted on 12/9/22
Growing up as one of Dwight sisters, he liked to tease me. Some of the earlier memories was some of the vacations with mom, dad, Dale and June. I remember traveling to Watersmeet, Michigan way out in the sticks. Also, we had long one month vacations camping and traveling with the family through Colorado, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Royal Gorge, on to California visiting Uncle John and Aunt Vi Spann and on to Redwood Forest, and back home. Another vacation was to Seattle, up to Canada in the Glacier National Forest, then , down through Minnesota, Oregon, Black Hills, North and South Dakota, Utah, Yellowstone, and so much more. Of course, traveling in the car meant being confined between my brothers in the back seat of the car. As brothers do, I was pushed back and forth between them in the back seat. Traveling for a month without seeing friends was rough. But what was funny, was the fact that by the time we got through about 3 weeks of travel, we kids got along well and we started getting rambunctious towards our parents. But we finally got back home to Westchester, IL and were so thrilled when we were back. Those are some of my fondest memories that I have with Dwight and family. I’ll always remember those. Enjoy your traveling amongst the angels above with mom and dad!

Scott Rudel posted on 12/9/22
I met Dwight about 14 years ago when I moved next door to him and April. I introduced myself to him one afternoon and we became good neighbors (very good neighbors). One of my first encounters with him, will remain one of my fondest memories of him. I asked him what he did for a living and he proudly related that he was an electrician and was now retired. He quickly continued to inform me, what being retired meant to him. He said something to the words of “ I was an electrician and now I’m retired. I do not do side jobs, so please don’t be offended if you ask and I say no. I like to think I’m a good neighbor, so I would be happy to give assistance if you need, but I do not do side jobs.” I knew at that moment, I liked him. Right to the point. Follow up, , he did help me on several occasions with some electrical projects, without me ever asking. Never took more then a beer for his help. Whitey is the perfect neighbor to have. One of the most considerate people I ever met. Kind, compassionate, definitely passionate about his politics, which often led to long conversation with us agreeing to disagree. I often would watch him working in his yard making sure it was looking good. His pride in his yard often spilled over to our yard when he would come over and do some work in our yard, because he finished his. The list of what makes people good, would be a very long list for Dwight, I’m very glad I got to spend time with such a good neighbor and friend. Scott / Deborah

Stephanie Owens posted on 12/8/22
Dad, I miss you SO much more then can be put into words! You were a man of great wisdom and faithfulness. I came to you for so much advice and you always listened! You were a loving, kind Grandpa and Joe and Jason have so many wonderful memories with you to hold on to!! So many good memories boating, fishing and the projects you Tom and the boys worked on together! The times we spent together and memories shared will never be forgotten and your love and wisdom will live through me, my family and all the lives you touched!! Having you as my Dad has been such a blessing and privilege!! I love you so much Dad you will be greatly missed!!!❤️❤️ Love, Steph ❤️

Allison Kahl posted on 12/7/22
Dad, You were the sweetest, kindest, most loving, courageous father a girl could have and I’m truly blessed. I’ll miss starting my day with, “Good Morning Sunshine” texts, our daily morning & night talks, daddy kisses on the cheek, movie dates, and the very best wisdom & advice. I will cherish all the love and wonderful memories and look forward to the day we meet again! Love and miss you so much already, Daddy-O! ❤️ My love always & forever, Your Sunshine ☀️

June Fuhrman posted on 12/6/22
Thank you so very much big brother, for the times you came up to Wisconsin to see me Taking me to the movies and lunch on Saturdays, and rides on your pontoon boat Visits with mom and dad at your house, but I can rejoice in knowing that you are In a better place with Jesus as well seeing mom and dad again too I. Heaven Also , my prayers and thoughts go out to the family too, Love, Little sister, June Carol Fuhrman

Tanya Colleen Fuhrman-Wenman posted on 12/6/22
I always looked forward to Dad coming to Colorado to see us for Father's Day - he did that many years. He loved Colorado so much in that the State represents God's beauty that we could all enjoy out hiking at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colo., Garden of the Gods & Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs and in the mountains at Estes Park and Breckenridge/Frisco area! Thank you, Dad, for all your visits with us traveling to Colorado to see us & all those many wonderful memories enjoying the mountains together - very special & cherished moments indeed!!!