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Penny Riemenschneider Kellogg posted on 11/30/22
Dear Phyllis & Family, I am so so sorry for the loss of Tim. I want you to know you are in my thoughts & prayers.

Timothy Garbelman posted on 11/29/22
T - Man oh man where to start ! With my faith as strong as it is - I find comfort knowing your not in pain anymore , you will truly be missed by many with your presence , posts and messages simply about Life and the simple things -through your fight you stayed positive and vocal about LIFE - I will miss the fb messages , texts and you singing to my cd all hours of the day and night at times calling me - messaging me …that my friend burns a smile on my face for life ! You were a one of KIND guy - who inspired so many with simple words ! and your laugh and smile were contagious ! Way back From the days on van emmon when we used to pretend we were MJ having dunk contests all hours of the day and night! Literally with the back yard lights on -Truly believing we could fly ! Buddy you can fly all you want now !- another memory was when I came out to see ya 2014-15 ish we partied at your house lost track of the count of beers ( but it was A LOT )with myself you Jonas and my brother and then we got you out of the house to a bar !!! It was tough but you went ! I could go on and on - but I know we will meet again one day and catch up my friend ! I’m glad you had a amazing Woman around you and there for you through it all ! I Love ya man I’m praying for Steph and everyone in your family !

Steve.milam posted on 11/29/22
Soon… We will go out.. and talk about what’s new. Soon.. We will laugh , and feel each other’s life.. Soon… We will have no more pain. Both of us. Together .. Soon.. Everything that’s right , that matters, will be ours Forever ❤️ SM

Lisa Doede-Drabek posted on 11/28/22
I will never forget being at our grandma’s house and Tim and my brother and I were downstairs. We went outside. Grandpa left the ladder out against the house and Tim climbs up about half way, and yells to grandma who’s out in her strawberry patch I believe. “hey grandma! Watch this!” And jumps off. About gave her a heart attack. He was fearless.

Erik Devick posted on 11/28/22
It was a wild strange trip knowing Tim . We did a alot of crazy things over the years and he was always quite humble no matter what was going on around him . Be at peace My Friend.

Nancy posted on 11/28/22
Our deepest condolences Dr.Myong Dr.Chen and staff Rush Copley

Brandi (Saunders) McAuley posted on 11/28/22
Tim always had an amazing energy around him that would draw people in. He had the best smile and laugh. I will cherish my memories with him. To Stephanie and his family, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that your find comfort in knowing he was so loved by his friends, and he was a blessing to all of us that were lucky enough to have gotten to know him. May God bring you the strength to carry on through these difficult times.

Bill Mahaney posted on 11/28/22
My deepest condolences to Stephane, Scott, Phyllis, and the entire family. My Prayers are with you.

Aimee Tercs posted on 11/27/22
Tim was one of those rare people; he was an old soul with new energy. He was my favorite kind of people--a misfit with a heart of gold. Tim was always the life of the party, kind & accepting of all people (even little nerds like me...maybe "especially" little nerds like me), and one of the funnest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm so grateful that our paths had crossed again recently. Tim gave me some money that I was able to use to get my handicapped son a new/fun piece of equipment he could use to play on and keep up with other little kids. This wasn't a piece of handicapped Equipment he needed, per se, but one that he could use to simply have fun like a normal little kid. If that doesn't scream "spirit of Tim Hill" I don't know what does. What a wonderful piece of a legacy puzzle we've received from him. You will be missed more than you probably will ever know, my friend. ❤️

Marcia Hagy posted on 11/26/22
I am so sorry for your loss, Stephanie. Hold those memories close!! My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family.

Marcia Hagy posted on 11/26/22
I am so sorry for your loss, Stephanie. Hold all those memories close. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.

Phil and Jackie Purdue posted on 11/26/22
So saddened by this news , Tim was such a sweet guy ! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family.

Betty Padilla posted on 11/26/22
Please accept our sincerest condolences on the passing of your beloved husband. May you always keep those good memories with you forever! He was a wonderful husband ,friend and we will always cherish those memories. May God continue to give your the strength through your loss of Tim. R.I.P. Tim you will never be forgotten ! Cindy Todd and Betty Padilla

Stan Ellertson posted on 11/26/22
I didn’t get a chance to meet Tim until a few months ago and he wasn’t really taking visitors when we were in town, but he made an exception and let Shannon and I come over. I am so glad he did. We talked for a good hour about life and things in general and then he invited me outside to see his cars. After a short while he had to go back in to rest and Steph told me that he hadn’t been outside in months. I feel very honored that he was willing to come outside and talk cars with me for a few minutes. I am thankful for the time he and Steph had together and wish we could have hung out more because I know we would have been great friends.

Rebecca Danner posted on 11/26/22
Tim was one of the best humans on this planet. We shared a friendship that surpassed all others. He was kind, generous, funny and of course extremely handsome!!! He was there no matter what time of day it was and I'm glad to have called him my best friend. Thank God he's not suffering anymore and is wrapped in the arms of Jesus. I love you Tim until we see each other again!

Diane smith posted on 11/25/22
Timmy you were one of a kind and I’m so sad you are gone. You will be missed by so many! Always in our hearts Tim! Rest easy. No more pain!

Steph posted on 11/25/22
Rest Comfortably T. I love you ❤️ Forever and Always and No Matter What.