Dear Wendy: Terry Dearborn was at the 2nd Annual Convention of The Chimney Sweep Guild at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, VA when I first met him. I could tell even then that Terry was destined to become a mover and shaker of our guild. You often hear the word mentor bantered about. Terry Dearborn was the epitome of the word mentor to sweeps at every event I attended including over a dozen NCSG Conventions. What became our forty + year friendship, continued to this day. Just as he mentored me, he mentored all sweeps he encountered. I was always proud of Terry Dearborn for his many great accomplishments. He opened so many doors in this industry and taught all of us the true meaning of sweeping friendships that last a lifetime. So as I write this tribute to Terry, I am heartbroken for Wendy, his family and our industry. Our trade has lost another great man. May the legacy of Terry Dearborn live long in the hearts of all chimney sweeps now and forever. Dave Hannah